What Can Businesses Do with Gigabit? Part 4: Growing Your Business

Written by Kristi Salmon on February 15, 2019.

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Scalability is a critical aspect to growth for every business. It determines how fast you can respond to change. And we know, change is the one constant in this digital economy we live in.

Even when positive, harnessing growth can sometimes be a challenge – how do you effectively prepare for what comes next? In gaining more clients or increasing employees and locations – a broadband connection can help handle the added influx of use and information.  Being able to scale bandwidth easily allows a business to meet need and demand.

Or maybe you want to turn a business vision into a reality? While you reimagine your business plan, you don’t want to have to reimagine your network.  Bandwidth should never be a bottleneck to progress. Mediacom Business’ internet speed tiers were designed for business sustainability and innovation. Best part, a speed boost is a phone call away because of the exclusive network infrastructure our broadband is built on.  Technology is a gateway to increase productivity and efficiency – but when a business integrates new platforms and applications, they should always remember that usage is only as good as the broadband backbone behind it.  The user experience behind the plan to grow your business should be backed by internet service that is fast, reliable and robust. 

One of the key benefits of fiber-optic broadband solutions is not only the sheer speed but the scalability – there is no additional capital expenditure to turn up bandwidth.  The throughput of the “fiber pipe” has virtually no limits.  Many businesses move to this delivery mechanism because it gives them peace of mind that access to data is unlimited.  When your business has a broadband solution that can conform along with you – the ability to be flexible and agile in unhindered. 

Business owners may also consider the different aspects that make up their organization:

  • Equipment
  • Storage
  • Data Information
  • Program Access

But there’s one aspect that many organizations may not consider when their business begins to experience growing pains – their bandwidth needs.

The Needs of the Many

Before the evolution of the internet, growth was handled by expanding the current office location. New customers could be handled by hiring more employees. 

Technology has changed the business landscape, providing a multitude of different solutions and services to further business initiatives and goals. And while these tools and resources are beneficial at facilitating better communication and collaboration, the reliability of these tools operating the way a business intends is dependent on the type of bandwidth your organization is using. Why?

Let’s look at a common small business scenario – what once was a start-up venture of 10 people working out of a rented space, soon expands to a central building with 50 or more employees. Daily phone calls have now been replaced with video conferencing, while phone systems are now handled by VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions; no longer do co-workers need to run over to the next department for a file, it can be emailed or uploaded from the company server, so everyone can collaborate and work on it simultaneously. This scenario was the humble beginning of many popular brands – Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, McDonald’s, just to name a few.

But all these new innovations also require the bandwidth to support it. If your business operations begin to expand but you don’t have sufficient speeds to handle the change, you’ll notice the choke on operations – dropped calls over VoIP, disconnects during video conferencing, employees unable to retrieve files quickly enough to communicate appropriately.

Here’s an approximate chart of bandwidth use cases for businesses based on devices and users:

The more your business grows, the more your network needs to grow along with it. Gigabit+ fiber connections are one-way growth via multiple locations are leading organizations towards their bigger initiatives and goals because data is centralized no matter where employees sit, while also delivering the speed needed to access that data. 

Scalability is a big win for businesses and turning up that bandwidth doesn’t need to be a hurdle when you can upgrade with the flip of a switch.  Having the luxury of customizing your data usage and splitting bandwidth depending on business needs sets the stage for a solid foundation.  Businesses are prepared for the needs today, knowing they will change tomorrow.

Technology is very much the cornerstone for growth particularly in the 1,500 rural communities we serve.  It levels the playing field of competition because bandwidth is the great equalizer no matter a business location. It makes the world a much smaller place because you can be anywhere in the world via communications if you have adequate tools to do so. 

Watch our latest Real Customer Story Video with the Missouri Innovation Center, an incubator that gives tech startups the tools & infrastructure to take their ideas to the next level.  Using a Gigabit fiber-optic connection from Mediacom Business, incubator residents can seamlessly access big data in the cloud and share files with partners across the globe.  They fully embrace change, and more importantly, they thrive on it.