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  • up to 60 Mbps Download Speed
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  • up to 100 Mbps Download Speed
  • 10 Mbps Upload Speed
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  • up to 300 Mbps Download Speed
  • 20 Mbps Upload Speed
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  • up to 1 Gig Download Speed
  • 30 Mbps Upload Speed

Small Business Internet Service Features

Go fast with gigabit speed for all your business internet needs. It can help provide the same level of connection to everyone at the business regardless of multiple tasks.

No Data Caps – Unlimited Usage

Your organization can enjoy fast uploads and downloads of as many large files as you wish without limits.

IP Allocation (V4 & V6)

The industry is using IPv4 to assign IP addresses to devices when connecting to the internet. But since IP addresses that use IPv4 are running out, this is being replaced by IPv6 to provide more efficient routing and packet processing, as well as better data security.

Secondary DNS

Your primary DNS server may not be enough to handle the user requests on its own. Your server may need a secondary DNS that acts as a buffer in case the primary DNS goes down. By carrying the load alongside the primary server, you can expect low latency and fast processing of information.

Dynamic IP Included

You can change your IP address every time you log into your network. Dynamic IPs allow you to mask your physical location, which could be useful if you don't want to reveal to the public where you are located.

Over 99.99%* Network Reliability

Experience what a truly sophisticated internet network can deliver with internet service uptime your business expects and needs.

*2021 Mediacom Executive Summary Reliability Report

Reach out to our friendly support team who are eager to provide you with the customer satisfaction you deserve all year long.

If you experience issues with our business internet service, you will receive priority status calls from us regarding your connection to address the situation and put your mind at ease.

We aim to address your connection concerns without having to waiting hours in a day for someone to arrive.

With this feature, you can make your PC run faster by saving large files into the network. You can also set up new computers and launch applications with precision and speed from the server. With 10G network internet’s fast speeds, you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your network and save costs from buying another server.

You can unleash the potential of your business internet speed using the modem we will supply for you.

If you're working outside of the office, you can still access your business internet connection from the available Wi-Fi hotspots available to you at different locations.

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Use Cases for each of our Business Internet Speeds

Give your business everything it needs to process transactions fast for point-of-sale systems, integrate e-commerce platforms, and upload/download big data files like email communication. With 99.99%* network reliability, you’ll be able to back up data, push info to the cloud, stream video and meeting applications, and more to enable growth for your organization, website, and social media presence. Explore our small business internet plans to find the speed that fits your business size and usage needs.

imagesInternet_Speed-01 imagesInternet_Speed-01

60/5 Mbps
Business Internet

  • Relatively light internet use with 1-5 users/devices
  • Complete online tasks fast
  • Basic business needs
  • Email and communication
  • Web browsing

100/10 Mbps
Business Internet

  • Moderate internet use with 7-15 users/devices
  • Download large files quickly
  • Online collaboration among multiple users
  • Moderate file sharing
  • Access cloud-based applications
imagesInternet_Speed-01 imagesInternet_Speed-01
imagesInternet_Speed-01 imagesInternet_Speed-01

300/20 Mbps
Business Internet

  • Heavy internet use with more than 15 users/devices
  • Connect more users and devices in real time
  • Process multiple card transactions faster
  • E-commerce website execution
  • Download files, videos, images or records quickly
  • Run several online services or backups simultaneously

1 Gig/30 Mbps
Business Internet

  • Significant internet use with 20+ users/devices
  • Frequent simultaneous “big data” file sharing
  • Host websites and running backup servers
  • Remote teleworker or branch office
  • Video conferencing & video streaming
  • Extensive employee & customer Wi-Fi usage
imagesInternet_Speed-01 imagesInternet_Speed-01





Broadband Delivery Comparisons

High-speed internet access is as vital as water and electricity. It’s the gateway to news and education plus all manners of entertainment from music to gaming. Even what we used to call traditional “TV” has been redefined by the internet. From a business standpoint, an internet service provider that delivers a fast and reliable internet connection is necessary for acquiring customers and growing revenue.

Benefits of Cable Internet Connectivity

A 10G network delivers blazing fast speeds compared to most business internet providers. But does your business need it? Below are reasons why choosing from our high-speed business internet plans is a better investment your organization can make for future growth.

Our internet service doesn't have data caps. This means you can utilize as much bandwidth as you like, without being subject to the overage fees that plague other types of internet service. You can also score offer discounts when you sign up for a data, voice, and video bundle.

Faster Speed and More Reliable Than DSL, Satellite, or Dial-up Internet

Unlike most internet service providers, our 10G business internet service guarantees reduced latency for faster upload and download speeds when compared to DSL.

Our network technology is able to manage the ever-increasing online demands and advancements, such as higher Wi-Fi standards. 10G internet prepares your business for any major changes in the foreseeable future.

Good for Data-Intensive Applications Like Streaming Video

A solid option for high-bandwidth activities like streaming video and music and downloading (or uploading) big files.

This is vital when holding online meetings and video conferencing. You can stream HD and 4K video resolutions without lag and interruption. This way, you can conduct business like the true professional that you are.

Improves Business Productivity

Connecting to high-speed business internet services allows your employees to work in harmony online. They no longer have to deal with an unstable connection in the middle of work.

Even if you are a growing business attracting new employees, a 10G internet connection is best prepared against network congestion. This means everybody gets the same download and upload speeds no matter how many employees you have. As a result, your team can produce more in less time, resulting in more revenue for your business.

You can also use 10G internet to power Internet of Things (IoT) devices in your office. Getting door locks, badge machines, thermostats, and others to work to their full potential improves the general efficiency of your organization.

Immediately Serviceable with No Downtime for Construction

Surprisingly, some small business internet providers don’t have an existing network. Building a network from scratch means that service will require a business to pay for construction, resulting in increased costs and slower timelines to become serviceable.

Mediacom Business has heavily invested in our national broadband network for 20 years, with a wide-scale deployment of 1 Gig services to customers across our 22-state footprint. Our high-capacity network brings tens of thousands of new business customers on-net with immediate access to communication services.

Cost Effective with No Loss in Quality Service

Don’t be fooled by low priced business internet providers that cut corners to reduce prices. Many providers downgrade internet service to reduce costs through the following practices:

  • Connection that runs over antiquated technology. Some providers save costs by using outdated technology, but this leads to slower connections and more downtime. High-speed internet experience depends on your service provider's network capacity, scalability, and overall architecture. The Mediacom Business network is designed to be highly scalable, providing increased network capabilities as demand increases.
  • Not providing a dedicated connection to the internet. Avoid the headache of sharing bandwidth. Mediacom Business provides always-on, dedicated connections, so each user has their own bandwidth path. Use as much bandwidth as you need, with no data caps that often come with shared service.
  • Enhanced DSL connection. DSL technology is delivered over copper, twisted-pair wiring used for telephone service that was installed decades ago for low-speed, low-capacity voice communications. Mediacom Business' state-of-the-art broadband network was designed to deliver powerful, two-way interactive services. Our cable high-speed internet services boast up to 1 Gig with 25x more capacity than DSL to consistently deliver small businesses a lightning fast and secure connection to the internet.
  • Capped speeds with zero scalability as your business grows. Many providers limit prices by limiting your internet service. Mediacom Business proudly provides internet service with zero data caps and no overage fees. Enjoy fast uploads and downloads of as many large files as you need without limits. As your business grows, upgrading your service is simple and quick with personalized guidance from our team.

Does My Business Need 10G Network Delivered Internet?

A 10G network generally delivers faster speeds than most other types of internet service, making it a solid option for high-bandwidth activities like streaming video and music and downloading (or uploading) big files. It’s delivered on the same physical line as cable TV service – and you can score offer discounts when you sign up for a data, voice and video bundle. On the plus side, our internet service doesn’t have data caps – meaning that you can suck up as much bandwidth as you like without being subject to the overage fees that plague other types of internet service.

How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?

Answer these 5 simple questions to find out.


What internet speed does your business currently have?


Is Your Business Ready for Gigabit+ Fiber Internet?

Enterprise-level 100% fiber-optic data and voice solutions.

Need assistance leaving your current provider or service for Mediacom Business?

Mediacom Business may be able to assist so you can move ahead faster.

CABLE vs. DSL: Comparing Internet Options

Our 10G internet uses cable technology to provide you with a fast and reliable connection for work and beyond. If you're still tied to your digital subscriber line (DSL) internet connection, consider upgrading to our cable internet for the following reasons.



25x More Capacity than DSL

In rural America, DSL has limitations on the speed it can achieve. While 100 Mbps isn’t fully deployed, 40 Mbps in many instances is the standard offering among this delivery tier. Cable boasts up to 1 Gig to meet the demand of small businesses – and continues to widen the speed gap.



Distance Isn't a Factor

While voice calls can be carried over small distances, running data over DSL degrades the performance as service moves farther and farther from a phone company’s central office. Since cable high-speed internet is designed from the ground up, it is not distance sensitive.



Consistent and Reliable

Explore the latest Federal Communications Commission “Measuring Broadband America” program which states that DSL fell short in delivering the speeds it advertised while most cable broadband providers tested, had actual download speeds that were 100% of advertised speeds if not better.



Broadband Network Investment

The distance limitations of DSL mean that for a large percentage of a phone company’s footprint, service will not be available. Since cable internet doesn’t degrade over distance and runs over the same infrastructure that brings TV to both densely and sparsely populated areas, it is available to a wider customer base.

FCC Report Reveals: Mediacom Business High-Speed Data Overdelivers on Its Broadband Promises

In the most recent FCC “Measuring Broadband America Report,” Mediacom once again stood out as one of the nation’s top performers in upload and download speeds.

Continuing our high-performance trending, we OVERDELIVERED our advertised broadband levels providing faster speeds than promised, while DSL providers again failed to meet their advertised speeds.

Mediacom Business Advantage

Your business will notice the difference in terms of the internet we deliver and the experience you’ll have using it, especially with zero data caps and no overage fees. Mediacom Business has an existing network. Other providers may be starting from scratch and the service will require a business to pay for construction.


Anyone can build fiber, but it takes expertise to manage it. We have 20 years at the game.


Our team is local. Internet support is ready and available 24/7/365.


Our competition doesn’t have the scale and resources compared to Mediacom Business.


We ensure priority status, same day service calls.


2021 Mediacom is Recognized as an U.S. Best Managed Company

This honor, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and Deloitte, recognizes outstanding U.S. private companies and the achievements of their management teams in strategy, execution, culture, and financials.

Feel confident that Mediacom Business is a trusted local partner and, more importantly, possesses the expertise to manage and monitor a sophisticated broadband network with the utmost reliability and performance for your business.


Important Factors Affecting Business Internet Provider Speed

Having blazing-fast internet speeds will support your business. However, there are other factors that can slow down your connection, even if you're subscribed to business internet packages with the fastest speed available. Below are some important factors affecting business internet provider speed to consider:

This device is responsible for taking the signals from small business internet providers and allows your device to use them to connect online. Having a modem that can translate the same speed as your ISP allows you to unlock your internet connection's potential.


As an intermediary between the modem and your devices, the router may cause bottlenecks in your connection. This is true if the router's speed is lesser than what your modem can send.

The Device You're Using

A lightning-fast router won't help a laptop, TV, or smartphone with ancient networking hardware, while sluggish internet service will hinder all your activities online. So, consider upgrading your devices to those with better hardware.


Where you place your modem and router dictate internet speed. Placing either one close to you or your employees' workstations results in faster loading times.


Take Control of Factors That Can Affect Business Internet Speed

The actual speed subscribers experience may vary based on several factors listed below. Ensure that the most crucial aspects that affect your internet speed are working properly.

  • Variances in network usage: Depending on your selected internet plan, the download and upload speed may vary based on the number of users logged into the network. The more users, the more congestion in the network.
  • Device and equipment capabilities: The capabilities and capacities of your computer and/or local area network (LAN) devices impacts speed. If you're online using an old laptop with outdated hardware and wireless router, expect the speed to not be as fast. Only by updating your equipment with the latest hardware can you enjoy the true speed of your internet subscription.
  • Latency: This refers to the time delay in transmitting or receiving packets due to the distance between points of transmission. The more routes you have, i.e., from modem to multiple routers to device, the higher the latency. This results in a lag in your video content.
  • Content and application performance: Speed is impacted by the website you're visiting or the application you're using. The performance of the content and application providers being accessed, such as a search engine or video streaming site, may lead to loading difficulties.

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