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The Mediacom Business Difference

Mediacom Business delivers a true point-to-point, 100% fiber solution. Our broadband product is superior in terms of the internet we deliver and the experience a business will have using it. No business should invest now in yesterday’s technology.

We have an existing network. Other providers may be starting from scratch and the service will require a business to pay for construction.


Our Competitive Edge

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We’ve been in this business for more than 25 years and have grown to become a leading technology provider as the 5th largest US cable company.
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The Mediacom network is engineered to be 18 months ahead of any anticipated surge in consumer demand, to meet any unforeseen situations (even before COVID struck).
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Smaller competitors don’t always have the scale that we do as a larger, well-established company, with more resources and a vast knowledge base.
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Our Business Internet offers unlimited usage with
zero data caps.
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Anyone can build fiber, but it takes expertise to manage and monitor it. More importantly our team has the resources to fix problems when they arise.
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Our team is local to the areas we serve, and internet support is always available.
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Business customers receive priority service. If that means an onsite visit, we commit to a same-day response, often within a few hours and 30 -minute service windows.
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Our operations are constantly monitored for optimum performance and consistently demonstrate an uptime of over 99.99%.

*2022 Mediacom Executive Summary Reliability Report.

Our Commitment to

FCC Report Reveals: Mediacom Business High-Speed Data Overdelivers on Its Broadband Promises

Mediacom once again stood out, delivering far beyond our promised upload and download speeds, while DSL providers again failed to meet their advertised speeds. We continue our high-performance trend, providing faster speeds and investing in our network to bring our businesses the latest broadband technology.


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Awards and Milestones

FIRST U.S. cable company to deploy 1 Gig broadband speeds across its network in 2017.

BRIDGING the digital divide with significant infrastructure investments to ensure our communities have access to the same level of internet in the largest metropolitan areas.


FIRST internet service provider to launch 10G in field trials.

SUPERIOR infrastructure to respond to devasting tornados in Kentucky and So. Illinois, historic derecho in Iowa, wildfires in California, hurricanes in Florida and the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic to keep businesses and communities connected in times of need.