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Stop worrying about your phone system and get back to what really matters, your business

Keep up with competitors with an impressive array of capabilities now available to small businesses that were previously only accessible to larger ones. Managed voice solutions reduce the cost of your business’ capital expenditures by using cloud-based technology and alleviating the need for costly onsite phone equipment.


What is
Managed Voice?

Cloud Based Voice Features

No Large Upfront Capital Costs

All phone system features are included in the monthly charge for the service with the option to purchase or lease various phones.

No Ongoing Costs for Software Updates

The server is continually updated as new capabilities become available, conveniently providing you with the most up to date features.

No On-Site PBX to Manage

Phone features run over our internet network so there is no hardware to manage and support. Admins & End Users have access to an online portal for easy administration.

Feature Rich

Mediacom Business provides phone system capabilities comparable to a premises based PBX.


New users can be added without any capital costs and seasonal workers can be added and removed quickly by contacting Mediacom Business.

Business Continuity

Phone features are hosted by us, so power interruptions at your site do not affect call delivery. Easily forward calls to a mobile phone or alternate number using the online portal.

Managed Voice FAQs

What is Cloud Based Voice Solutions?

Cloud Based Voice is a best-in-class phone system hosted in the Mediacom Business network. Instead of purchasing and managing a phone system, Mediacom Business delivers the same features on a per-user, or per-seat basis. All of the features and capabilities of your current phone system are available on Cloud Based Voice. Even better, Cloud Based Voice gives you a number of advanced capabilities you may not have today, all easily managed on a web portal. The benefits of this "cloud" based approach to buying a phone system are numerous. Some important benefits are:
• Buy only what you need – as your business grows, Cloud Based Voice grows with you
• No obsolescence – As new capabilities become available, Mediacom Business will upgrade Cloud Based Voice and provide you the latest-and greatest capabilities
• Predictable billing – never any surprises

How reliable is Cloud Based Voice?

Our phone solution is based on Voice over IP (VoIP) that uses your data connection to deliver calls to and from your office. Mediacom Business’ data network has very high reliability, and Cloud Based Voice is engineered such that voice traffic always takes priority over more routine data traffic. In the network, Mediacom Business has implemented Cloud Based Voice with a redundant design such that if a failure were to occur, backup equipment would take over. The biggest advantage as compared to a traditional phone system set-up is the intelligence for the service resides in the Mediacom Business network, not on local equipment. If a natural disaster or event were to happen, Mediacom Business’ network based solution would continue to operate, whereas a phone system at a business location has a greater chance of failing.

How is Cloud Based Voice different than Skype and Vonage?

Some VoIP providers offer a solution that uses the public Internet and is not engineered for optimal performance. Sometimes it works fine, but performance can vary widely based on location, time of day, and the amount of data traffic. In contrast, Cloud Based Voice is a network-based phone system that utilizes Mediacom Business’ managed, secure, and high performing private IP network. Your traffic is managed and prioritized and is not subject to the same uncontrollable inconsistencies seen in public Internet services.

How is the voice quality?

Since Cloud Based Voice is an end-to-end managed solution, voice quality is comparable to what you’re used to today. However, as technologies such as high definition voice emerge, voice quality for services like Cloud Based Voice will be far superior to what you have today.

Will the data traffic in my office affect voice quality?

Cloud Based Voice is a fully managed solution – Mediacom Business ensures voice quality from your phones all the way into the phone network. Prioritization of voice traffic is used so that no matter how much data traffic occurs in your network, voice always has first priority.

If I need to make changes (or move a phone) do I need to call Mediacom Business?

Cloud Based Voice provides a web portal for both end-users and administrators so that most all capabilities of the service can be self-managed. Want to make a change to a hunt group or call pickup group? Go into the web portal and make the change. Want to move a phone from one location in the building to another? Simply plug the phone into the wall jack at that location and the phone will boot up with the user’s configuration ready to go.

What Does It Mean to Have a Managed and Monitored Service?

You don’t have time to be the business owner and the IT department. And quite frankly, most of us don’t have the expertise to do both. Mediacom Business handles every component for you. From equipment set-up, to updating software, maintenance tasks and watching systems closely – you can focus on your business knowing you have the latest and greatest protection.

Every feature runs over our state-of-the-art broadband network and since it’s cloud-based, updates are continuous, without interruption to your business.

  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Seamless coverage with no extra software or licenses needed
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7
  • Low monthly cost with no additional hardware or service fees
  • Cloud based offerings work seamlessly with Mediacom Business Internet – helping secure the connection and devices being used

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