Business Internet Questions

1. Do I need a static IP address?

Customers who plan to run a server (email or otherwise), will need to look at utilizing at least (1) static IP option. The only way to run reverse DNS is through a static IP address. This device will need to be visible to the modem and will not work behind a router or firewall.

2. Does Mediacom Business have static IP addresses available to business customers?

Yes, pricing is as follows:

Single IP Address: $5.95/mo
Static IP Package - 5 Usable Addresses: $19.95/mo
Static IP Package- 13 Usable Addresses: $29.95/mo
Static IP Set Up Charge for Every Package: $25.00 one time charge

Call 1-800-479-2070 today to order.

3. What do I need to know about setting up Mediacom Businesses' static IP service?

The customer is responsible for any equipment beyond the cable modem. Mediacom Business does not setup or configure customer routers or firewalls & support currently stops at the cable modem. It may be a good idea to have a member of your IT department or technical support on site the day of the install. Customers with multiple static IP addresses will share the provisioned bandwidth. The total available bandwidth will not exceed the provisioned bandwidth regardless of the number of IP address assigned to the account.

4. Why does Mediacom Business MAC bind their addressees?

Due to the nature of the cable network, Mediacom Business chooses to validate permanent IP addresses on the cable network with the CPE mac address of the connected equipment. This provides another layer of security to help prevent against malicious attacks including denial of service, IP theft and other threats to Mediacom Business' networks.

5. Is there a difference between residential and business service from Mediacom?

Yes. While both residential and Business Internet operate over the same reliable digital network, Mediacom Business Internet is designed for meeting the broadband capacity and features relative to business needs.

6. Will my installation take long?

Mediacom Business Internet can install and provision services much faster than our competition and with little or no downtime since we control all network elements.

7. Does Mediacom guarantee the Mediacom Business Internet speed?

At Mediacom Business, our customers and our integrity are vital to our success. At the same time, Internet speed can be volatile and we cannot guarantee that situations beyond our control may interfere with your connection speed.

8. What is the process to upgrade my Mediacom Business Internet speed?

All you need to do is contact your local Mediacom Business Account Executive. Upgrades can be made very quickly.

9. Is my Mediacom Business Internet connection shared?

There is no such thing as a dedicated connection, as claimed by some providers. Since all connections are shared, providing a high-speed Internet experience depends on your service provider's network capacity, scalability and overall architecture. The Mediacom Business network is designed to be highly scalable, providing increased network capabilities as demand increases.

10. How do I get more e-mail accounts?

Just call us at 1-800-479-2070.

11. Do all service providers deliver the same high performance Internet access?

Not all providers invest in a digital infrastructure to ensure a high performance connection. Mediacom Business provides a high-speed, redundant, national IP backbone for business customers to use while connecting to the Internet. Further, Mediacom Business' local cable networks have been largely rebuilt in recent years and are designed with growth in mind. Our Hybrid Fiber Coax network (HFC) is highly scalable, enabling expansion of available bandwidth to meet increasing business demands without costly equipment or network upgrades.

12. How does Mediacom Business technology differ from the technology that my local telephone company uses to offer DSL service?

DSL technology is delivered over copper, twisted-pair wiring used for telephone service that was installed decades ago for low-speed, low-capacity voice communications; in contrast Mediacom Business' state-of-the-art broadband network was designed to deliver powerful, two-way interactive services. By meeting the stringent standards of Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS), Mediacom Business HFC specifications provide user data privacy across the cable network by encrypting and authenticating data traffic flow to and from the cable modem and the Mediacom Business' HFC network. Our cable modem services are highly reliable because the architecture provides multiple paths to each of Mediacom Business' nodes serving 1,000 or fewer customers. As such, the self-healing distribution offers the customer a continuous, secure connection to the Internet.

13. What is IMAP?

The IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a newer and modern alternative to the POP3 protocol. Unlike POP3, the IMAP allows the user to work with their messages in both online and offline modes. The IMAP-capable email client programs retrieve the messages' headers from the server and can store local copies of the messages in a local (temporary) cache. All the messages are left on the server until the user deletes them. This mechanism allows multiple email clients to access a single mailbox and is often used for corporate/business e-mails, e.g.,

Business Phone Questions

1. Do I get a discount for taking more than one service beyond phone?

Yes. Mediacom Business offers a number of price saving options based on bundled services for Business Internet, Phone, and TV. Click here if you would like us to contact you to discuss affordable bundles.

2. What is included with Mediacom Business Phone?

Mediacom Business Phone provides you with unlimited local and domestic calling to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as 17 calling features.

3. How does Mediacom Business Phone differ from my home phone service?

Like your home phone service, you can have a variety of features on your phone, such as call waiting, and you can make local, nationwide and international calls. However, Mediacom Business Phone is meant for businesses that need one or more lines dedicated to their business.

4. Can I keep my business phone numbers or do I need to get new numbers?

You can have your current phone numbers transferred to the new service if that's more convenient, or you can get new numbers.

5. Is Mediacom Business compatible with answering machines, fax machines, alarm systems, etc.?

Mediacom Business Phone will work with most of your equipment. For more information, please discuss your needs with a Mediacom Business Account Executive.

6. How will I be billed?

You will receive one bill for all of your Mediacom Business services, including phone service. Your monthly phone charge will appear on this bill including a daily summary of additional charges for any calls made to international locations, Directory Assistance and Operator Services. You will also be billed for local, state and federal taxes and any applicable regulatory fees and surcharges associated with your Mediacom Business Phone service, similar to those charged by traditional phone service providers.

7. What kind of taxes will I be charged?

All Mediacom Business Phone customers will pay applicable local, state and federal taxes and charges. Of course, if you make calls to international locations, or use Operator Services or Directory Assistance, these calls also will incur applicable taxes based on usage.

8. Is International Dialing available?

Yes, International Dialing is available at an additional cost. For calling charges to all locations not included in Mediacom Business Phone's monthly rate, please check our calling plans.

9. What is the maximum number of lines I can buy?

You can have a maximum of eight lines.

10. Can I keep my current toll-free number?

Yes. You can also request a new number.

11. Will I be able to use 911 and Enhanced 911 (e911)?

You can report police, medical, fire and other emergencies by dialing 911 and be connected to a live emergency operator. In areas where the local public safety network supports Enhanced 911 service, your address will be displayed for the emergency operator to direct emergency personnel to your location. With Mediacom Business Phone, you do not need to register your address for 911. We will do it for you when we set up your account. However, if there is a power outage, or if the Mediacom Business network is inoperable, your Mediacom Business Phone service will not operate, including the ability to call 911. You may want to maintain alternative service such as a wireless phone in case of a power outage or an outage on the Mediacom Business network.

12. If there is a loss of electrical power to my business, will my phone service be lost too?

The multimedia terminal adapter (the phone modem) used to provide phone service over Mediacom Business' broadband network uses electrical power. Similar to a cordless phone, Mediacom Business Phone service will not operate if the power in your office goes out or if you unplug the power connection, you will lose the ability to call, including the ability to call 911 emergency services.

13. Does Mediacom Business Phone service include a 30-day money-back guarantee?

Mediacom Business is confident that you will like the simplicity of our Business Phone service. In the unlikely event that you do not wish to keep the service, as with all Mediacom Business services, you will be eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee for the Mediacom Business Phone flat monthly charge. However, you will be responsible for charges incurred for International calling and use of Operator Services and Directory Assistance.

14. How is Mediacom Business Phone different than Internet phone service?

There are a few fundamental differences between the two types of service, but the most important is quality of service and privacy. Mediacom Business Phone does not connect your calls via the public Internet. Unlike VoIP service, Mediacom Business Phone service uses a combination of the Mediacom Business broadband network, and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This guarantees the quality of the network that carries your voice signal and provides a crisp, clear digital voice service.

15. Will I still be listed in the telephone book?

Yes, you will be listed in Directory Assistance 411 and in your local telephone book. You will be given the option of having your phone number listed, unlisted or unpublished.

16. Do I have to take other Mediacom Business services in order to get Business Phone?

No. But if you're interested in maximizing your savings and enjoying great benefits, you'll probably want to subscribe to at least one other Mediacom Business service.

17. Is there a cost to switch to Mediacom Business Phone?

No. There are no switching fees; however there may be an installation fee.