5 Big Changes for Small Businesses Today

Written by Kristi Salmon on November 14, 2017.

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The face of small business has changed. Instead of a brick and mortar storefront, many of today's small businesses do business from home, a co-working space or even a local coffee shop. Broadband technology has afforded businesses to stay connected no matter where they are, and therefore business can be done 24/7. Strong data and voice services allow them to be extremely mobile and agile in our every-changing business environment.  In an article from the Ames Tribune in Ames, Iowa, we take a look at how small businesses are facing 5 big changes.

Businesses being connected can be exemplified in many applications. Take for instance, a business website and social platforms which can be the “face” of the business. In some instances, it’s the first interaction a customer has to the business and we know first impressions mean everything.  But more importantly, it erases the restrictions of just doing business on Main Street.  Small businesses can attract a loyal following and network of referrals by offering customers relevant content that validates they are a trusted resource in their business space. The vehicle to being able to accomplish this is through a data backbone that drives utilization of these platforms. A broadband connection needs to be able to handle the sheer volume of uploading/downloading content to promote a business and the ability to interface with customers (mobile chat, Skype, GoToMeetings, etc.).  Being mobile isn’t just about interaction with customers - it consists of fulfilling a business’ own marketing service needs and other support materials.

Technology is the driving force for how mobile a business can be.  Broadband will power the multiple devices a business needs to work from and also pave the pathway for advanced voice services.  Managed Voice Solutions allow for small businesses to capitalize on big business features. Business owners can’t act as receptionists, so the ability to route calls to different devices, etc. gives owners the flexibility they need.

Many small businesses have moved operations to the cloud. Gone is the need for a huge staff, particularly IT, and “back office” operations and other automated tasks can be hosted in the cloud making it extremely convenient for a business owner.  But again, being able to stay connected to all of these mentioned technologies to make business owner’s lives easier is backed by the broadband they use. Speed, reliability and capacity are the mix of broadband ingredients that allow a business to never stop moving.