AOL Founder: Tech's Future Lies in Cities like Des Moines

Written by Kristi Salmon on October 5, 2017.

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Move over Silicon Valley, the Silicon Prairie is making its way on the digital scene. No longer seen as a fly over area, cities like Des Moines are playing a part in the technological revolution in this country.  One of the ways to level that playing field of competition is broadband.  You can’t innovate without having the necessary bandwidth to power technology.  New technology ideas are only as strong as the broadband behind them.

The co-founder of AOL, Steve Case, is pushing for this kind of development in the heart of America, acknowledging that these cities can be the center for innovation with the help of successful startups and tech ventures.  Incubator spaces are popping up all over the Midwest as a hub for new ideas and emerging technologies.

Last year Mediacom embarked on a 3-year, $1 billion plan to, among other projects, upgrade and expand our national fiber network.  It’s these types of investments that are going to put a spotlight on places like Des Moines as a very competitive place to land a business.  Cities will be able to offer startups and the like, the type of broadband capacity that those in large metropolitan areas have simply come to expect.  Rural America now has the tools to play in that space.

Mediacom Business has worked with technology hubs like the Missouri Innovation Center in Columbia, MO and the TechWorks Campus for their Startup Weekend in Waterloo, IA to provide the broadband necessary for these entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into a reality.  And the broadband need is heavy, while our Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions platform is pumping speeds of 1 Gig and beyond to maintain the connections needed for these research and development projects.

Check out the conversation the Des Moines Register in Iowa had with this Fortune 500 powerhouse.