Fiber is Healthy for You and it's Good for Your Business

Written by Kristi Salmon on September 29, 2017.

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Faster speeds, better reliability, secure connections to the public internet and the ability for a business to do more and go further. These are just some of the benefits of using fiber-optic broadband for your business. Columbia, Missouri is one of the many areas over our 22-state footprint that has access to fiber technology for data, voice and video services.  Our customers who utilize Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions are creating transformational experiences for their business and opening up the door to innovation. The fiber "pipe" provides the capacity that allows a business to increase productivity.  Bandwidth can be allocated for different uses within the business itself.  Think of all of the weight that can sit on a broadband network - email use, video plays, data accessed on a server by many employees.  That doesn't take into consideration the advanced platforms that truly propel a business forward: cloud services, virtual reality, teleconferencing, VOIP services, Wi-Fi access for patrons and the like that require a significant amount of bandwidth to operate.

Thanks to providers like Mediacom Business who are expanding their broadband network and fiber coverage and making the coveted delivery method of fiber more affordable, this technology is now readily accessible to businesses in rural America. This technology delivers astonishing speeds of 10 Gig and beyond – so businesses experience the difference right off the bat.

But what may be the biggest benefit of businesses having access to high-capacity broadband is the heavy contribution it lends to the economic development of the city itself.  Businesses are able to compete regardless of geographical boundaries and cities have the ability to retain/attract businesses - because broadband, like electricity, is one of the key components to the start of any business.  In an article from the Columbia Business Times in Missouri, discover how fiber can be the gateway to a better business.