Silicon Valley Tech Companies Reach out to Remote Workers in Midwest

Written by Kristi Salmon on September 7, 2017.

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Technology helps to connect businesses to customers and partners but now many companies are examining how technology can connect them to employees.  Especially in the field of Technology, startups and the like, the talent pool is small.  Silicon Valley is very competitive so companies have been forced to reevaluate how they find professional and motivated people. To execute a strategic plan these cutting edge companies realize they need a solid core team that have the skillset to propel the company forward.  Companies are now looking beyond the city limits for this talent and realizing, with the help of technology, there are no geographical boundaries to finding the right employees.  Tech giants like IBM, Bunchball, and others are looking to hire outside of their state of origin for talent.

Quality of life is more important than ever to employees, and uprooting families is not an option for many.  But the advancements in applications like video conferencing and virtual technology, allow for teams to work together simultaneously. Collaboration is fostered with the use of these platforms and it really doesn’t matter in the end where the employee sits.  But in order to run these types of programs, there needs to be a very strong broadband backbone to keep these connections running in real time.  Without the right of amount of bandwidth to power these practices, communication on all levels will come to a halt.  Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions from Mediacom Business is delivering the connectivity businesses need to bring together all company locations.  With advanced custom services like Transparent LAN, companies can seamlessly connect point-to-point and multi-point Ethernet networks together no matter where they are. All employees are able to work off the same server, accessing and sharing data in a matter of seconds.

This concept of remote working has paid off, allowing residents and students to work for key tech companies without having to leave family and friends, something many have done in order to achieve their dream job. In this article from USA Today, explore the reasons why telecommuting was the right answer for these businesses and employees.