How to Master Social Media for Business

Written by Kristi Salmon on October 23, 2017.

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In 2017, to have a successful business, part of your strategic plan should incorporate social media. No longer just a hobby for the younger generation, having a profile on a popular social platform is essential to not only attracting new customers, but keeping the ones you already have.

Patrons who post positive testimonials about your business can give your business validity.  Word of mouth referrals can be very powerful and fuel business activity alone.  A good reputation goes a long way and means everything.  Social platforms allow you to have a constant flow of communication with both your acquisition universe as well as customers.  And the content does not always have to be sales driven; in fact, it shouldn't be.  If users feel they are always trying to be sold to - the message starts to fall on deaf ears.  The key to using these platforms is to show customers that you are a trusted resource in your business vertical.  Provide helpful information, post industry updates your customers would want to know about - become a voice in your space so users keep coming back to your pages.  But that is only half the battle.  All roads lead to your website. Assume your website is the final stop before a potential customer makes a buying decision.  And know that in this digital age, users are going to do their homework so your website should be a place offering resources that can easily be navigated.  In this article from The Southern Business Journal in Illinois, we find tips for how businesses are utilizing social and digital media to their advantage.

But what if you already have a social media profile? That takes the place of having a website, right? Don't be so sure.  Check out our blog on this discussion topic.