Iowa Elementary School Launches Virtual Reality Science Curriculum

Written by Kristi Salmon on July 21, 2017.

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A critical goal for every school is how to keep their students ahead of the learning curve and give them access to the most beneficial learning tools to best prepare them for what lies ahead. Broadband is allowing for a next-level flavor of learning that is transforming traditional learning to a digital classroom.  For students at Buffalo Elementary, virtual reality programs are allowing children to explore the depths of the solar system - traveling far beyond the city limits of Davenport, Iowa. 

This next generation standard science curriculum of virtual reality (VR) aligns children with the digital medium they are so used to and therefore peeking their interest. And even better, the program is promoting focus.  The use of VR helps to remove classroom distractions, while taking students on a journey to the area of study within a realistic environment.  This is incredibly beneficial for rural communities who may not be able to transport or finance physical field trips for their students and school. Read about this impressive endeavor in this article from the Quad City Times. 

Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions is providing the broadband capacity to power trail-blazing applications like VR and fueling the digital classroom.  Learn more about this new education evolution in our Industry Insights blog series spotlight on Education.