Industry Insights: Digital Voice Communications

Written by Kristi Salmon on October 24, 2017.

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The speed of the office network has the power to make or break productivity. This is extremely vital when it comes to the bandwidth dedicated to your digital voice communications. Most organizations today utilize both web and video based conferencing applications in order to stay in contact with employees, especially those in remote offices. The applications most relied upon by businesses include:

  • Streaming audio
  • Web conferencing
  • Voice and video communications
  • File sharing
  • Telephone systems

Understanding digital voice usage

In recent years, voice communication services with multi-media capabilities have gained popularity and workplace use. As mentioned, these voice apps can be used to connect with employees, customers, and other locations, however require adequate bandwidth to sustain them. The chart below showcases examples of these requirements:


Average Use

Average Use HD

Skype video

0.5 Mbps/person

1.5 Mbps

Web Ex

0.5 Mbps/person

3 Mbps/person

Other apps

0.7 Mbps/person

 dependent on app

Does my office need more bandwidth?

With the prediction that IP traffic in North America will reach 49.7 exabytes per month by 2019, now is the time to make the switch to a bandwidth solution that is capable of supporting where your business growth is headed. Without robust broadband connectivity, businesses can fall behind the curve and struggle with productivity. One of the cost-effective solutions for bandwidth needs in the workplace is gigabit internet. Gone are the days where fiber was the top tier product no business could afford.  Because of the investment companies like Mediacom Business have made to deep root their network in rural communities like yours, high-capacity broadband is at a business’ fingertips. Not only is it faster, at 1000 megabytes per second (1 GBPS), but it is designed to handle multiple users, applications, software and data loads, all at the same time. This allows businesses to compete on par with any other business, nationally, or globally, for that matter.

An increase in bandwidth through switching to gigabit internet will allow your employees to focus less on controlling the applications they are using and more on completing their workloads in less time. The benefits of increasing productivity allow for growth across your organization, and increased connectivity across multiple offices and traveling employees. As we’ve said before, “Having this type of high capacity broadband access allows businesses to thrive in today’s climate”.

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