Does Your Business Have Enough Bandwidth? Part II: Speed Needy Applications

Written by Kristi Salmon on June 3, 2016.

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Every day businesses are using app-centric programs in order to get their work done, be it email, web conferencing, CRMs, or video conferencing. These daily activities and technologies are essential and even crucial to ensuring that business can be conducted across cities, states, and other countries, if necessary.  It’s also a part of the ever–growing technologies that set the pace for business sustainability and innovation.

But while running these daily apps is a benefit for business, it also often presents the biggest of hurdles, especially if you don’t have the bandwidth necessary to power each and every one. Today, new apps are appearing on business' networks and while some are required to perform the job, others are not, in turn clogging up and slowing down the network. Some of these apps are downloaded onto employee desktops; others are on their mobile devices. Have you ever wondered why every day at 2 p.m. your browser windows paint the screen slowly or the network feels slow? As your employee base becomes younger and more “web savvy,” they listen to Internet radio and stream videos; the appearance of Web Real-Time Communications and more video conferencing on top of streaming are putting a strain on your network’s performance and may be maxing out the connection.

Take for example a small business based art studio with 12 full time employees; the table below showcases examples of the bandwidth needed to power basic business applications on the network for these 12 users.


Mediacom Businesses helps small businesses identify what their day to day operations require in terms of bandwidth so service isn’t latent. We also have the delivery mechanism whether that be HFC or fiber to handle all your technology needs.  Different applications warrant different blends of capacity and Mediacom Business can effectively scale their services to manage those requirements and monetize your network performance.

What are the pressures to improve network performance?

  • Increasing demands of remote workforce
  • Rising user demand
  • Increasingly virtualized infrastructure
  • Continuous improvement
  • Need for analyzing live data
  • Increasing bandwidth requirements

Businesses can adapt to meet the high speed connectivity needs of their network – the choice is there with Mediacom Business. It’s important that businesses have a broadband platform that allows for flexibility to scale their Internet needs – as the business climate is always changing and there are a plethora of technologies being introduced each day that can further fuel your business.  Which are right for your business? And more importantly which are the applications that foster business growth and create new opportunities.  Mediacom Business can be the broadband highway to power each and every application – efficiently, fast and securely.