Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions from Mediacom Business Transforming Rural America

Written by Kristi Salmon on October 13, 2015.

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No one can deny that over the past quarter-century, the Internet has changed the way we conduct business. For those located in the largest Metro areas like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, it’s a given that high-speed, reliable broadband service will be available. In fact, they expect it.

As you know, broadband is a critical component to the success of any business.  It’s what has made the world a much smaller place by way of competition allowing businesses to not only reach nationally, but globally for that matter.  Fiber-optic solutions for data and voice are providing the pathway to push big data, connect multiple locations and enable users to access information simultaneously no matter where they are.  It’s simply the fastest technology available to date.  Gigabit is such a buzz word right now – essentially it means the speed by which billions of bits of data are delivered over a fiber optic network.  It’s a superfast connection, transmitting data at the speed of light.  

So where does that leave smaller, rural communities that make up much of America?  Well, Mediacom has invested more than $1 billion over the past four years to operate, expand, and upgrade its robust broadband infrastructure that serves businesses in some 1,500 communities across 22 states. 

We live in a technology driven world. People want and need to be connected no matter where they are – just look at the explosion of social media. How many devices do you have surrounding you right now?  It extends to the business community as well, schools utilizing distance learning where students in rural America can learn a new language from a teacher in Germany.  Hospitals are conducting telemedicine and a patient can get first rate care in their home town without having to drive 2 ½ hours to the nearest university hospital. Businesses are talking about the “Cloud” to create efficiencies and go paperless.  Here’s the use those applications or advanced technology platforms, you need a broadband highway to get there.  The technology is fascinating but without a strong broadband connection the applications are useless.  Enter Mediacom Business.

On every City’s list of priorities to drive economic development – broadband via fiber should be right at the top. Any developing community probably has come to that same conclusion. The City of Grimes, IA is one of those forward –thinking communities.  Their conversation with providers has been to give them as much fiber as possible, Grimes wants to work in order to put the infrastructure in place that will help drive growth in the community and the customer base of the provider.  They know that managing and monitoring a network of that stature is no small feat – any city can build fiber, that’s the easy part. But by working together, Grimes feels we all win at the end of the day. See more in our Real Customer Stories Series: City of Grimes, Iowa at

Through Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions from Mediacom Business, the days of your business being defined by its physical location are gone. Having this type of high capacity broadband access allows businesses to thrive in today’s climate but easily positions them for the scalability needed for future demands.