Customer Story: The Iowa Events Center

Written by Kristi Salmon on September 29, 2015.

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In the heartland of America, connected to the world

Nestled in the growing populous of downtown Des Moines, the Iowa Events Center is host to both entertainment and business, both regionally and nationally. The opening of the Veterans Memorial Auditorium welcomed Elvis Presley and was the center stage for the famous ‘bat-head’ incident from rocker Ozzy Osbourne. The center is also host for many business conferences, allowing for access to the downtown scenery, restaurants, and hotels the city has to offer.

The venue was challenged with so many different events going on, sometimes at the same time, and allocating bandwidth to each while still conducting its own day to day operations and communications. Event requests for Internet speeds would be ‘guestimated’ in hopes it would be enough without the flexibility to make changes the day of the event. This left them with constant issues of employees and clients being kicked off the network or maxing out the connection and then trying to explain what happened in the aftermath.

After turning to Mediacom Business’ Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions, the Iowa Events Center is now able to:

  • scale & split the “fiber pipe” to allocate bandwidth based on specific event needs without waste or error
  • operate with super-fast data connectivity with no lag time so multiple users can access the server no matter where they are and more importantly, simultaneously
  • attract A-level events / top talent because they have the technology capabilities
  • have a reliable & strong broadband connection that gives peace of mind when hosting night and weekend events
  • ensure everyone in the venue – audience, performers, and employees – are able to access content and stay connected
  • represent the Des Moines Metro area as a key community anchor that attracts people to the area and drives economic development  

As our 2016 presidential race is underway, the Iowa Event Center is looking forward to being able to cater to the influx of people, speakers, and events, knowing that the partnership with Mediacom Business will provide the high capacity broadband these caliber of events will require and expect.

About the Iowa Events Center

Consisting of four different venue areas – the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, the Polk County Convention Complex, the Hy-Vee Hall, and the Wells Fargo Arena – plays hosts to a variety of different performing acts and conferences. Located in downtown Des Moines, the center has played host to such things as music concerts, Comic Con, and sporting events.

About Des Moines, Iowa

The capital and most populated city in the state, the city was named after the Des Moines River and has been listed as the best place for business and the wealthiest city in America. It’s one of the important cities during the US presidential elections as it’s the first location for primary caucuses.





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