Light Reading Interview: Mediacom Business Connects Rural America with Fiber

Written by Mediacom Business on December 29, 2014.

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Marketing Director for Mediacom Business, Kristi Salmon, speaks with Light Reading about her company’s plans to drive fiber networks deeper into rural areas to support the move to agribusiness. “We offer a high-capacity broadband network that offers the scalability and bandwidth these areas need,” said Salmon.  

The cable provider is committed to bringing fiber-based services, to support advanced platforms such as John Deere’s machine to machine (M2M) technology for agriculture and farming businesses throughout these underserved, non-traditional areas. Access to these kinds of services and applications allows agribusinesses to take full advantage of the new opportunities and improved efficiencies in food production, irrigation, and management and monitoring.

Some of the key ideas discussed were: 

    · New and emerging opportunities in ‘agribusiness’

    · Pilot programs to bring John Deere’s M2M technology to Iowa

    · Using Gigabit for city economic development & growth

Watch the full interview on to learn more about Mediacom Business’s ongoing efforts to provide reliable Gigabit+ connectivity to businesses in rural America. “Mediacom Business is a true carrier and a player in this space.” said Salmon.


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