Mediacom Business Sponsors the 2014 Connect Iowa Broadband Summit

Written by Kristi Salmon on January 9, 2018.

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Mediacom Business was the premier sponsor of the second annual 2014 Connect Iowa Broadband Summit, which united community leaders, state and local government officials, and professionals from the education, agriculture, and healthcare sectors from across the state to discuss the expansion, adoption and use of broadband in Iowa.  

This event also provided an opportunity for attendees to observe the impact that programs like Connect Iowa, Connect American Fund, and Digital Job Creation have made in creating partnerships that ensure Iowanians meet the growing expectations of a connected lifestyle and not be left on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Amy Kuhler, Program Manager for Connect Iowa, welcomed the excited crowd and pointed attention to this year’s themes: public safety needs, federal initiatives, digital job creation, and innovative uses in agriculture and healthcare.  Kuhler also stressed that one of the goals at this year’s summit would be to not just simply quote figures but rather educate those in attendance about some of broadband’s most relevant innovations.    

Staying consistent with Connect Iowa’s theme, Creating Better Economic and Life Opportunities by Expanding Access, Adoption, and Use of Broadband, Keynote speaker Mark Lewellen, Manager of Spectrum Advocacy at John Deere, spoke directly to the importance of a pervasive broadband infrastructure powered by providers such as Mediacom Business, which allows Iowa’s agriculture industry to compete in a global digital economy. 

SVP of Mediacom Business, Dan Templin spoke on a panel addressing community-enabled broadband expansion.  Alongside key Iowa communities such as the City of Grimes, Pella and Bettendorf, city leaders spoke about how they are helping to encourage broadband infrastructure expansion.  From creating partnerships and leveraging existing infrastructure, to solving issues in underserved areas, attendees learned how community leaders are working with broadband providers to help identify and fill service needs. 

Templin spoke at length about Mediacom Business’ relationship with the City of Grimes and building fiber to key areas of development in this fast growing city.  Keeping an open dialogue with the City of Grimes allows for this type of expansion that furthers economic development and pushes broadband further in rural America that is critical in order for businesses to compete on a national level.

There was also much discussion about the use of broadband in the healthcare industry, in addition to current legislation initiatives. Watch the live stream from the 2014 Connect Iowa Broadband Summit to see how Mediacom Business, Connect Iowa, local agencies, and community leaders plan to move from conversation to action.