Customer Story: City of Grimes, Iowa

Written by Kristi Salmon on November 14, 2014.

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City Integrates Communications 

Place: Grimes, Iowa

The City of Grimes, in the heart of Iowa, is a small community with a big vision for urban growth. The challenge was to attract businesses and a broader population to an area where connectivity was patchy and an effective technology infrastructure did not exist.

Through constituent consultation the City identified a primary need for high speed Internet. After deciding that designing a fiber installation was difficult and costly on their own they partnered with Mediacom Business and implemented a scalable broadband solution that local businesses could connect to.

Now that the City of Grimes is connected through fiber they are able to:

  • Attract start-ups to the area – in particular those with a technology focus
  • Retain young people by providing excellent Internet opportunities and removing the need for them to move away to be connected to the rest of the world
  • Encourage high quality employees to work in the area, helping the city to grow by settling and raising families there
  • Maintain a sustainable growth path to ensure Grimes is appreciated as a city where people can successfully start and grow their businesses

As a developing community Grimes realized the importance of hard wired broadband infrastructure in their plan to grow and flourish, and partnering with Mediacom Business allowed them to install the right solution that accommodates both current and future needs.

About The City of Grimes

Founded in 1881, incorporated in 1894, and named for James W. Grimes, former senator and third governor of the state of Iowa, Grimes today offers a friendly Midwestern atmosphere and a sense of community.  Located at the northwest threshold of the Des Moines Metropolitan region, Grimes enjoys easy access to the amenities of metropolitan life while maintaining all the advantages of a small hometown.