Save $10 a Month When You Bundle
Business Wi-Fi with Advanced Data Security

Tools for the most powerful and well-rounded business internet connectivity.

Real-time protection for your business so you can enhance customer and employee experiences. Mediacom Business is the partner who fully manages the "zero IT" solutions we deliver.

Business Wi-Fi & Advanced Data Security


Bundle & Save $10 per month

Regular Price of $30 per month

NO Contract

NO Additional Equipment


We help protect your business against malware, ransomware, and other serious web-based threats.

  • AI security intelligence continuously sweeps the internet to mitigate new risks
  • Helps to block compromised sites and links
  • No separate installation or additional equipment
  • Portal access to view network threats in real time


Build a better experience for customers and employees by offering fast, reliable internet access.

  • Simple “click to connect” log in
  • Separate guest connection from business broadband traffic
  • Opportunity to customize landing page access to promote business offers

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What Does It Mean to Have a Managed and Monitored Service?

You don’t have time to be the business owner and the IT department. And quite frankly, most of us don’t have the expertise to do both. Mediacom Business handles every component for you. From equipment set-up, to updating software, maintenance tasks and watching systems closely – you can focus on your business knowing you have the latest and greatest protection.

Every feature runs over our state-of-the-art broadband network and since it’s cloud-based, updates are continuous, without interruption to your business.

  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Seamless coverage with no extra software or licenses needed
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7
  • Low monthly cost with no additional hardware or service fees
  • Cloud based offerings work seamlessly with Mediacom Business Internet – helping secure the connection and devices being used

Mediacom Business Advantage

Your business will notice the difference in terms of the internet we deliver and the experience you’ll have using it, especially with zero data caps and no overage fees. Mediacom Business has an existing network. Other providers may be starting from scratch and the service will require a business to pay for construction.


Anyone can build fiber, but it takes expertise to manage it. We have 20 years at the game.


Our team is local. Internet support is ready and available 24/7/365.


Our competition doesn’t have the scale and resources compared to Mediacom Business.


We ensure priority status, same day service calls.

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