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February 05, 2019
Mediacom Business Press Release

The Internet is Like Water to a Technology Company

Mediacom Business quenches the thirst of tech startups at the Missouri Innovation Center with a dedicated Gigabit fiber connection

Columbia, MO – February 5, 2019 – “The internet is like water to a technology company. If we don’t have it, we don’t survive!” These are the words of Sarah Hill, CEO of StoryUp makers of Healium, a biometrically-controlled therapeutic immersive media company in residency at the Missouri Innovation Center (MIC), a phase-one incubator in Columbia, Missouri that gives tech startups the tools and infrastructure to take their products and ideas to the next level. Quenching StoryUp’s thirst for internet capacity is Mediacom Business, a division of Mediacom Communications Corporation and the MIC’s ultra-fast fiber optic network provider.

Our Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions provide the 1-Gig internet capacity necessary to fuel the innovative technology ideas brewing at the MIC,” said Dan Templin, Senior Vice President of Mediacom Business. “Our network delivers a fast and private connection that allows the MIC incubator residents to seamlessly access big data in the cloud and share files with partners across the globe. We’re proud to be a critical partner in a process that grooms entrepreneurs and translates their cutting-edge ideas into high-growth businesses that help drive the Mid-Missouri economy.”

Bill Turpin, President and CEO of the MIC, said there are minimums for his facility to be a player in the high-tech startup business. “It’s critical for next generation companies to have uninhibited access to the internet along with reliability, and Mediacom Business has provided the broadband infrastructure that has allowed us to be a player in this space.” Mr. Turpin continued, “It has given us equal footing with Silicon Valley and the like, so we can do what we do best.”

“When you’re in Columbia, Missouri, you can be everywhere in the world via video chat if you have the bandwidth,” Ms. Hill said. “We’re in contact with people every single day in Spain, Slovenia and the West Coast, because that’s where our clients, our customers and our brain trust are located. The high capacity broadband from Mediacom Business allows us to back up our data, archive our files and protect the assets we’ve worked so hard to create.”

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Mediacom Communications Corporation is the 5th largest cable operator in the U.S. serving almost 1.4 million customers in smaller markets, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast. Mediacom offers a wide array of information, communications and entertainment services to households and businesses, including video, high-speed data, phone, and home security and automation. Through Mediacom Business, the company provides innovative broadband solutions to commercial and public sector customers of all sizes and sells advertising and production services under the OnMedia brand. More information about Mediacom is available at

About the Missouri Innovation Center

The Missouri Innovation Center is a non-profit organization focused on providing support for high growth business ventures that improve human life and sustainability. We are motivated by good ideas, exceptional people, and we contribute to the growth of Mid-Missouri by attracting high-growth businesses in need of assistance navigating the landscape of commercialization. Through offering services in mentoring, securing financial support, and providing necessary resources for conducting successful and focused research and development, we help to create more quality jobs in our region, improve the local economy, and develop technologies that can improve the quality of human life.


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