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November 21, 2013
The Paxton Record

Mobile broadband aids storm-recovery teams in Gifford

GIFFORD — Mediacom Communications reports that its network technicians rebuilt a fiber connection node in the tornado-torn community of Gifford to provide broadband service to the fire department facility that is serving as the command center for storm recovery efforts.

The fiber communications node was built and activated Tuesday to provide a strong, mobile broadband connection throughout the northern part of the community, with service also including the delivery of cable television to residents of the Country Health Nursing Home.

Mediacom Regional Vice President Todd Curtis said his team is in the process of connecting an additional fiber node in the southern part of Gifford and connecting two more wireless access points on Thursday. Those connections will ensure that residents and recovery workers in all areas of Gifford will have access to broadband and other Mediacom services.

The mobile broadband service is available to anyone with wireless connectivity, regardless of their status as a Mediacom subscriber. Users searching for a wireless connection will see “Mediacom” listed as the available network.

Despite the fact that commercial power has not yet been restored in Gifford, Curtis reported that Mediacom installed fiber lines connecting to a temporary connection point or node on the city’s north side, which allows people in that area who have access to a power source to also connect to Mediacom services. The additional south-side node will be activated Thursday.