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February 19, 2013

FCCs New Report on Broadband Performance Verifies Mediacom Customers Receive Top Speeds as Promised

DES MOINES, IA – February 19, 2013 – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued its latest study of residential broadband performance in the United States, and once more confirmed that Mediacom is one of the nation’s top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) when it comes to routinely delivering advertised broadband speeds.

The FCC report indicated that Mediacom was again ranked in the top 5 ISPs nationally when it came to sustaining its advertised Internet download speeds (See Figure 2 from the FCC report).  With respect to delivering advertised Internet upload speeds during peak periods (7 pm to 11 pm local time) and over a 24-hour sustained period, Mediacom was ranked in the top 2  cable companies and top 4 ISPs nationally (See Chart 2 from the FCC report).   

“This report is objective proof that Mediacom has the best performing fiber network in the markets we serve,” said Ed Pardini, Mediacom’s senior vice president of operations.  “Consumers today expect their ISP to deliver fast speeds that are consistently sustained while they engage in video streaming, large file transfers, video chats, or other activities. That is the strength of Mediacom’s broadband performance, as verified by a rigorous FCC report.”

Included in the FCC analysis is its finding of a significant difference between types of technologies used for Internet services. According to the report, cable-based services, on average, deliver 99 percent of advertised download speeds, whereas DSL-based services, on average, deliver only 85 percent of advertised speeds. 

The FCC’s report also concluded that consumers continue to migrate to faster speed tiers.  To stay ahead of this trend, Pardini explained that Mediacom has made significant upgrades to its fiber rich network.  Today, 95 percent of Mediacom’s residential and business customers now have access to an innovative broadband technology known as DOCSIS 3.0 that allows them to choose download speeds up 50 Mbps, or even 105 Mbps, in most cases.   

The FCC’s report is titled, “2013 Measuring Broadband American February Report:  A Report on Consumer Wireline Broadband Performance in the U.S.” 

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