Mediacom Business
Phone Features

3 Way Calling

A service that permits you to conference three parties together.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Blocks calls from unidentified numbers. To use Anonymous Call Rejection, you must have caller ID display equipment or a phone with caller ID built in.

Automatic Recall (*69)

This service allows you to return the most recent incoming call, or to hear the last incoming caller’s number and then optionally return the call.

Call Forwarding (*72)

Automatically transfers all calls to a specified number.

Call Waiting With Caller ID

Caller ID for Call Waiting shows you the name and number of the person calling while you are on a call. A tone alerts you that you have another call.

Caller ID

Shows you the name and phone number of who is calling on your phone Caller ID screen.

Caller ID per Call Blocking (*67)

Pressing *67 before you make a call blocks your caller ID information from being displayed on the caller ID of the person you are calling.

Cancel Call Waiting (Per Call) (*70)

To deactivate call waiting when uninterrupted conversations are required, press *70.

Customer Originated Trace (*57)

Trace the last call received with the results provided to an authorized law enforcement agency. This feature can only be invoked with the authorization of a court/law enforcement agency.

Enhanced 911 Service (E911)

If enhanced 911 services are supported in your area, your complete address and phone number will automatically be displayed on the police dispatcher’s screen.


A system that routes phone calls through your phone line until an idle line is found.

Repeat Dial (*66)

If the number you are calling is repeatedly busy, you can activate Repeat Dial to automatically re-dial the number until it is reached.

Selective Call Forward (*63)

Allows certain phone numbers to be forwarded to another location.

Selective Call Rejection (*60)

Allows you to specify a list of numbers from which incoming calls are automatically rejected.

Selective Call Ringing

Assigns distinctive ringtone to designated phone numbers.

Speed Dialing

This is a service that shortens up to eight frequently called phone numbers to a single digit.

Standard Voicemail

Receive voicemail on your mail phone number.