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August 31, 2016

R&R, Mediacom take to the \'open road\'

by Kent Darr, Senior Staff Writer

An agreement between R&R Realty Group and Mediacom Business, a division of Mediacom Communications, represents a new twist in the way high-speed internet communication is being delivered to commercial properties in Greater Des Moines.

R&R is the first property owner and developer to take advantage of a program in which Medicom Business pays the steep costs of extending fiber optics to office, retail and industrial buildings. The company plans to spend $1 billion over the next three years to expand its national broadband network.

The payoff for Mediacom Business is that it picks up long-term customers paying monthly fees. Gaining a foothold in the commercial sector represents the company's key area of growth, said spokeswoman Phyllis Peters.

Businesses gain access to internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, provided they need that kind of capacity. Speeds are scalable to fit business needs.

Mark Rupprecht has long been an advocate of providing the best internet service available for residential and commercial tenants. In this case, he served up R&R's properties for the rollout of the Mediacom Business program.

R&R Realty provided Mediacom Business with a right of entry to the real estate company's properties to offer the service. In the past, property owners and tenants would have paid for the cost of extending and installing lines.

Ed Pardini, senior vice president of field operations for Mediacom, said in a release that his company will offset construction costs and installation time frames for R&R Realty Group customers in order to provide immediate serviceability to its more than 6.3 million square feet of office, flex and industrial space that was previously unserved by Mediacom Business' network.

The initiative is called Project Open Road, and Peters said other property owners are starting to take notice of the advantages it offers.