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October 01, 2014

Mediacom says fiber is good for business, schools as it rolls out service

by Doug Rainey

Mediacom Business announced it is ready to partner with schools and libraries in its service areas in a recently announced federal program to subsidize broadband and Wi-Fi for schools and libraries with their Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions Service.

The Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions service is also available for businesses in its service area in Delaware.

Mediacom provides cable TV and broadband service in portions of Sussex County as well as Delaware City in New Castle County.  Delaware was recently ranked as having the fastest broadband access among the 50 states.

Dan Templin, senior vice president of Mediacom Business, said the Federal Communications Commission has approved a plan to phase out funding under a program known as E-rate for antiquated technologies like pagers and dial-up phone service, redirecting $2 billion to boost wireless Internet connectivity in U.S. schools and libraries over the next two years.

Templin said his company has local representatives available to advise and consult about implementing Gigabit+ Fiber Solution in conjunction with the FCC announcement. “Approximately 1,000 schools in the communities we serve have access to the Internet over our high-capacity fiber network. We have a unique ability to scale broadband to the exact requirements of each individual school, and the expertise to manage and monitor these services around the clock.”

It should be a priority for every business and city – it’s just as critical as providing water and electricity and it will be what drives economic development,” said Kristi Salmon of Mediacom. “With Gigabit+ services via fiber, we are talking about big data that needs this kind of throughput and community anchor institutions that need connectivity for multiple locations so everyone can access that data simultaneously in real time – wherever  they are.  This is a huge leap for rural America and Mediacom Business is providing the type of service that traditionally was only available in larger metro areas.”

Mediacom is the nation’s eighth-largest cable provider and the largest serving rural areas, according to company statements.