Move Data at the Speed of Light

100% fiber solutions to transform your business

Experience high-capacity broadband at speeds up to 10 Gig and beyond that outperform T1 and other antiquated technology delivery methods

Our coast-to-coast fiber-optic network brings towns in rural America the same level of broadband connectivity one would expect in the largest metropolitan areas.

What is Gigabit+?

This amazing technology tells only half the story.

What’s important is the transformation your business is about to experience.

Gigabit+ delivers one billion bits of data per second (that's the Gigabit part of the service name) or even 10 billion bits per second (that's the +). This ultra-high speed is symmetrical and maintained both downstream and upstream, something that most internet providers cannot come close to doing.

Gigabit+ Internet is distributed using light wave technology through a fiber-optic cable to deliver superior data, voice and video capabilities. It's exceptionally secure and reliable because it runs on a dedicated, private fiber-optic network and not the open public internet.

What will

Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions

do for you?

The most immediate benefit is the astonishing speed – information sharing, transferring & downloading files are instantaneous. Working with remote locations is seamless; staff can access data in real time simultaneously, so communications is never a challenge. Your business will finally have the data throughput it needs via our fiber “pipe”.

Scalability is key for a business to be agile and adapt to market changes. The investment in fiber is made once. If there is a need to turn up bandwidth – it’s simply a phone call away and doesn’t require additional construction costs.

Technology is Only

as Good As the

Broadband Behind It

Any business’ goal is to grow and innovate in order to sustain success. New technologies evolve every day that afford your business the opportunity to move faster. Imagine the office of the future with zero broadband constraints. Whether it’s moving your data network to the cloud or other applications that are cloud based – advanced technologies can be extremely bandwidth intensive.

Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions allow your business to move into new innovative areas without having to worry about the strain it will put on your broadband usage. Using enterprise-level solutions like ours gives your business a look toward the future.

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