The Ease Of Scalable Bandwidth

to push through big data

Unlimited Access To the Internet That Next Generation Companies Have Come to Expect

Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions gives your business equal footing so you can rise above the rest. With adequate high-capacity broadband, geography doesn’t matter as you can be anywhere in the world. The connected economy is at your fingertips.

Transparent LAN Service

With Transparent LAN Service, schools, healthcare systems and other institutions can seamlessly connect their point-to-point and multi-point Ethernet networks together in the same campus, city, region, or across states.

Using Mediacom Business’ fiber backbone, allows multi-location operations to work off the same server, no matter where they are. Mediacom Business uses Ethernet protocol, so there is no need for additional equipment.

Dedicated Internet Access

Whether you're looking to reduce lag time among simultaneous internet users or seeking faster data downloads without interruption, Dedicated Internet Access enables secure, fast and private connections to the public internet.

You can allocate bandwidth for each of your locations based upon their specific needs. Provisioning additional bandwidth is fast and simple without the need for construction.

Primary Rate Interface

Primary Rate Interface is an economical IP-enabled voice trunk service that connects your facility's PBX directly to the public-switched telephone network over Mediacom Business’ fiber infrastructure.

PRI offers a two-way trunk with the capacity for hundreds of lines to make and receive calls. PRI can act as a private telephone network, enabling simple and affordable internal connections among locations in the network.

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